A customisable Forge UI for your desktop.

Built on top of the official Laravel Forge API, we provide a the source-code for a desktop application to use and modify as you need based on Ant Design, Tailwind CSS, React and Electron.

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A simple all-in-one UI to easily manage your sites.

We've baked in all the most common site actions to speed up your workflow. From quickly launching SSH sessions, deploying changes, making config adjustments and executing recipes. Everything you need* from the one screen.

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Forged UI Features

As we're simply hooking into the existing Forge APIs - We have most of the same functionality as Forge itself, however condensed into a more simple screen.
Oh but we do have desktop notifications!

Desktop Notifications

Use our self-hosted webhook script to display a desktop notification one each deployment via Pusher.

Quick Actions

Almost everything you see is a quick action button! From restarting services, to launching SSH connections!


As we provide you the source-code, you're able to change anything to your own requirements!

Config Editors

Quickly edit your .env and NGINX config with the embedded editors, along with databases, users, SSL certificates and scheduled jobs.

Handy information

We display a whole myriad of information within the UI making it easy for your team to identify what they need quickly.

Dark Mode

Forgot to mention, for what some consider the most important feature of any tool nowdays. Dark Mode. We have it in all its darkness.


We use gitstore.io to allow you access to the source-code once paid. You'll be able to clone the repository to gain access to everything you need, and GitHub issues to track support requests.


+1 year of updates



+ lifetime updates


  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Installs
  • GitHub Repo Access
  • Support via GitHub
  • Webhook Script
  • + Lifetime Updates

Lifetime + ❤️

With a little extra love


  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Installs
  • GitHub Repo Access
  • Support via GitHub
  • Webhook Script
  • + Lifetime Updates
  • + A Donation

Once purchased, an SSH key will be generated for you which you can share amongst your team to allow them to download the GitHub repo and keep up to date with the latest changes.

You can read more about the process and getting going on our support page.